Tagipedia - An Extraordinary initiative, The Online Arabic Knowledge Platform.


  • 10-Jan-2024

    Tagipedia - An Extraordinary initiative, The Online Arabic Knowledge Platform.

    Ahmad Al-Ma’aitah

    Tagepedia Manager

    The main goal of the decision of TAG.Global’s Organization  Chairman, HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, to launch the “Arabic Digital Encyclopedia- Tagipedia”  was to spread knowledge and provide accurate information to the Arab reader, and to achieve his goal to make the Arabic language one of  the top four languages in internet use.

    In accordance with Dr. Abu Ghazaleh’s decision, a team of specialists and experts continue to work on proofreading articles in various scientific, literary, economic, artistic, sports, cultural, knowledge, intellectual property, accounting, and other fields.

    During the month of November, Tagipedia team reviewed (5720) articles, bringing the total of newly reviewed articles to 594 thousand articles, raising the total number of verified and ready -to- use articles to 894 thousand articles.

    The Tagipedia team continues to work on proofreading and revising 306 thousand articles. This brings the total number of articles to 1.2 million Arabic article, which is the largest number of reviewed Arabic articles in any encyclopedia ever. This is especially significant considering that Tagipedia does not allow users to add or edit any article, as is the case with other encyclopedias.

    Instead, Tagipedia subjects are all proposed articles to review to ensure that they are reliable and not offensive to any party, any religion or culture.

    The Tagipedia team recently reached an agreement with the Arab Tanal Academy to provide additional material that will be included in the encyclopedia. The team also collaborates with the academy to introduce an audio system to the encyclopedia. In addition, the Tagipedia team will develop Arabic educational programs for young age groups. The team will continue to communicate with professors and lecturers in universities and institutes inside and outside Jordan in order to integrate new topics into the encyclopedia and benefit from the ideas they propose. It will also communicate with university students from the department of Arabic language and arts to participate as trainees in the encyclopedia.

    Talal Abu Ghazaleh Digital Arabic Encyclopedia project, Tagipedia, is an important step towards developing Arabic content on the internet and raising the level of awareness and knowledge in the Arab community. This project is making a significant effort to improve and enrich the Arabic content on the web, with a clear commitment to continue developing and improving the quality of the information provided.

    Tagipedia commitment is by no means restricted to technical verification aspects, but it also reflects a serious commitment from the Abu-Ghazaleh Group to transmitting accurate and reliable material to Arab readers and researchers.