Abu-Ghazaleh Manifests as a Model of Visionary and Rising Fame


  • 11-Jun-2023

    Abu-Ghazaleh Manifests as a Model of Visionary and Rising Fame

     Abu-Ghazaleh Manifests as a Model of Visionary and Rising Fame

    By Mohamed Sherif Jayyousi

    The British radio (BBC) in the middle of the last century was almost the only media reference that occupies (credibility) among the public in our Arab region, amid the absence of a wide Arab national media, before Cairo resounded with its Arab nationalist media and became or almost the only source accepted popularly and elitistly trusted and credible incomparable.

    In other contexts and areas... HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh is known as an Arab, global and global economic thinker, as a distinguished reader of global transformations, both human and natural, starting with the "environment, passing through the Corona epidemic, and ending with major global conflicts, their backgrounds and finances, preoccupied with them directly or from (under the table) as global wars, whether on behalf or by proxy, whether invested in them or in them, their beneficiaries and those involved in them, and in their difference from the first and second world wars, while the third of these will bring good to the Arab region, the first of which is as we have witnessed the beginning of liberation from American influence. Western Israel, the decline of unilateralism, the rise of multipolarity, thus consolidating the independence of oil decision-making, the growth of friendship with the rising Russia, China, India, etc., and the resolution of regional issues, regionally as an alternative to the conflict and Western interests imposed on the region and its surroundings and even on the world, all of which Abu Ghazaleh realized early.

    Most importantly, Abu Ghazaleh was in his readings, indicating at times, and warning at other times, a high degree of courage, credibility and superiority, which may endanger the interests of his group extending over the area of the globe in 110 countries, especially since he heads global positions, and what he may be exposed to and has sometimes been subjected to unjust childish campaigns that are deficient and unaware, so he called on countries not to borrow from international capital institutions, or to apply their (corrective) prescriptions, which are in fact destructive recipes for economies. Patriotism par excellence. Some of Abu-Ghazaleh's readings were and still are surprising, and do not fit with well-established but false phenomena, he would not have been flattered, or prevented from presenting his visions with all strength and confidence, supported by evidence, and it is only some time until the validity of what he went to become clear and was initially frowned upon. Abu-Ghazaleh's visions went beyond the above to the fields and climates of science and learning, the knowledge revolution, artificial intelligence and beyond, and its necessities and what this may lead to from the transcendence of the machine to man and thus its initiative to wage wars, and in return, the birth of medicine that anticipates the occurrence of disease, and the possibility of a person living twice his current age to 180 years.

    Although the demand for fame has been desired by many, it was the one that sought Abu-Ghazaleh, with its various media manifestations and others, to the extent that it became a demand sought by all media institutions around the world, which provides them with doses of hope, construction, wisdom and citizenship, represented by the younger and future generations. It remains to be noted that not every fame is fair and honest and represents an ascending historical line, as some of them are false and evasive and misleading and contrary to the interests of nations and peoples, and some are creative, as is the case with Abu-Ghazaleh.