‘Abu-Ghazaleh Global’ and ‘Nexus’ Sign Cooperation Agreement to Promote ‘Arabic Fluency Program’ in UK and Turkey


  • 16-Feb-2021

    ‘Abu-Ghazaleh Global’ and ‘Nexus’ Sign Cooperation Agreement to Promote ‘Arabic Fluency Program’ in UK and Turkey

    AMMAN - Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global) signed an agreement with Nexus Learn Arabic UK Ltd; a British-based corporate that offers self-study tools as well as live online classes for learning Arabic language. The purpose is to cooperate in disseminating the services of the ‘Arabic Fluency Program (TAGArabic.Global)’ in the UK and Turkey.

    According to the agreement, Nexus will be marketing and providing services for the Arabic Fluency Test and the Arabic Placement Test provided by TAG.Global to non-Arabic speakers, in addition to marketing the academic and professional services falling under the fluency program in the UK and Turkey.

    The agreement was signed by Mr. Maher Abu-Zer, executive director of the Learning-Programs Solutions Department at TAG.Global, and Mr. Jamal Al-Tamimi, managing 

    director of Nexus Learn Arabic UK Ltd.

    During the signing event, Abu-Zer underlined the importance of disseminating the learning of the Arabic language and fluency test, in addition to the academic and 

    professional services all over the world, expressing TAG.Global’s pride in collaborating with Nexus to spread our services in 

    He also emphasized TAG.Global’s interest in offering the Arabic Fluency program for the  large number of non-Arabic speakers who are interested in learning the language; in addition to offering the program to the Arab communities, which would contribute significantly to spreading and preserving the Arabic language. the two countries.

    Moreover, Abu-Zer noted that the Arabic Fluency Program “TALAQA” is one of the top priorities of HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, founder and chairman of TAG.Global, and one of the programs that he launched to preserve the Arabic language and 

    He also indicated that the marketing of the program would target interested British institutions and universities, noting that the company strives to expand the learning of the Arabic language for non-native speakers as well as developing its teaching methods. disseminate it globally. 

    For his part, Al-Tamimi expressed his pleasure in collaborating with TAG.Global, pointing out that this cooperation would effectively serve the company’s goals  in transforming  Arabic language learning and dissemination. 

    It is worth mentioning that Nexus Learn Arabic UK Ltd. is a British corporate that has been established since 2018 in the UK. It aims at teaching the Arabic language for non-native speakers through e-learning platforms and tools. The company is a member of the University of Hertfordshire Business Incubator which also hosts its General Administration Building.