Licensing and Franchising

Licensing and Franchising

Offered in cooperation with Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Legal, services include drafting licensing and franchising agreements, along with providing legal consultations on the compatibility of such agreements with Arab laws, mediation and litigation.

Our lawyers are experienced in drafting and reviewing all types of IP agreements and providing convenient consultations. Moreover, we help brand owners who wish to expand their business and have their marks renowned by drafting Franchise Agreements meeting their needs in compliance with local laws, along with detailed operation manuals, to guarantee third party commitment to their brand’s specifications and standards.

Under a franchise agreement, the franchisee is a lessee of a business system who pays a royalty due to the disclosure of trade secrets. The franchisee is under the supervision of the franchisor to guarantee that the services/goods are delivered as per a high level of business criteria. The franchisee, however, acts on their own account and benefit


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