Specialized Database Services

Specialized Database Services

TAG-ITI’s TAG Database is a support service providing a centralized location for contacts, NGOs, funding agencies, companies, governmental institutions, external expert CVs and in-house expert CVs under different sectors. This is provided through an easy-to-use search engine giving organizations access to quick searches and sorting of information within the database.

Database Services

  • Database maintenance through data research, content editing and content verification procedures.
  • Managed mailshot services to help in circulating news, newsletters and marketing materials.
  • Providing CRM functionality in addition to maintaining the databases on a regular basis.
  • Providing specific corporate intelligence with accurate, up-to-date information for sourcing expertise, and obtaining contact details of all official institutions responsible for international projects and funds.

Contact Person: Mr. Mohammad Abu Murry
Email: nzyfnfiib@gzt.tolyzo
Website: tagiti.com


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