Публикации на продажу

Публикации на продажу

  • Consulting Management Book
    Consulting Management Book

    The book, consisting of 38 chapters distributed to 5 parts and 7 appendices, will assist all researchers, instructors and specialists in developing their visions, ideas and business. The contents is considered fundamental and integrated reference in Arabic for all consultants.

    Price: 50 $ Order Publication
  • Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Collocations Dictionary
    Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Collocations Dictionary

    Take part in revealing the genuine authenticity, beauty and accuracy of the Arabic language. Refurbish Arabic speakers’ expressive abilities. Learning collocations improves linguistic competence. Collocations are a combination of words that together give out a very neat and accurate meaning.

    Price:15$ Price In Jordan
    Book Publish Date 30-Dec-2013

    Price: 15 $ Order Publication
  • The Arab Certified Professional Accountant (ACPA) Curriculum-2008
    The Arab Certified Professional Accountant (ACPA) Curriculum-2008

    The Arab Certified Public Accountant (ACPA) curriculum has been developed in accordance with the Certified International Professional Accounting Qualification curriculum of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), with the participation of experts from the Arab Society of Certified Accountants (ASCA), the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada, European Commission, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland, the Accounting Standards Board of Poland, the International Federation of Accountants and representatives of academic organizations and international accounting companies who participated in their own capacity.

    Subjects of the Professional Accounting Qualification Curriculum

    The Professional Accounting Qualification Curriculum consists of a variety of academic materials related to the accounting and auditing professions, in addition to different modules related to other disciplines such as economics, business administration, financial management, statistics, law and legislation and information technology, as well as many other important subjects.

    Price:160$ Price In Jordan
    Book Publish Date 08-Jul-2008

    Price: 160 $ Order Publication
  • Abu-Ghazaleh Accountancy & Business Dictionary (English/Arabic)-2001
    Abu-Ghazaleh Accountancy & Business Dictionary (English/Arabic)-2001

    This Dictionary is quite comprehensive and meets the needs of professionals such as accountants, auditors, bankers, business people and those who work in the fields of economy, law and state. In addition, it is useful to students of universities, colleges and institutes, and is a basic reference for them in their study and work in the globalization era when developments in scientific, knowledge and technological field are accelerating.

    The Dictionary contains 12000 terms which include accounting terms issued by international professional bodies and committees, as well as commercial terms, others used in computer science and the Internet, and new ones introduced by the information and knowledge revolution.

    Price: 11 $ Order Publication
  • Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Dictionary of Patents 2012
    Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Dictionary of Patents 2012

    Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Dictionary of Patents 2012

    First Edition 2012

    - Basic terms and themes of intellectual property matters

    - Over 20,000 entries

    - Serves users from the finance and business sectors, innovators, inventors, lawyers and paralegal assistants, persons concerned with intellectual property and college professors and students.

    Price: 10 $ Order Publication
  • Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Dictionary of Legal Terms First Edition 2012
    Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Dictionary of Legal Terms First Edition 2012

    It is a rich lexicon for the use of judges, lawyers, professors and college students.
    It is an insightful resource for researchers and students.
    It serves business people, companies and economists.
    It keeps you abreast of contemporary world legal jargon

    Price: key_free Order Publication
  • TAG ICT Dictionary (English/Arabic)-2008
    TAG ICT Dictionary (English/Arabic)-2008

    Talal Abu –Ghazaleh Information Technology International
    One of our achievements for the year 2008 was the issuance of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Information and Communication Technology (TAG ICT) Dictionary. The TAG ICT Dictionary is an English-Arabic publication of about 6500 ICT terms. It was created to serve various goals, one of which is meeting the needs of ICT specialists and students at universities, colleges and vocational institutions by providing necessary explanations for various terms rather than merely the equivalent meaning or synonym.
    The methodology adopted in preparing this work, was based on numerous principles, such as:
    - Association between the main term and its derivatives
    - Association between the main term and its synonyms
    - Translation of concepts and an avoidance of literal translation of a particular term
    - Defining the term to guarantee accuracy and scholarly integrity with an explanation if needed
    - Taking into consideration the consistency of style and content
    - Focusing on English terminology without listing terms from other languages unless necessary

    Price: 15 $ Order Publication
  • Anti Money Laundering Guide-2007
    Anti Money Laundering Guide-2007

    This Guide includes a background about Money Laundering. In addition to the roles of professional accountant, ethical and professional commitment, the Guide also includes legislation, regulations, pronouncements and enforcement steps focusing on combating money laundering and terrorist financing. (Arabic and English versions).

    Price: key_free Order Publication
  • Guide on Legal Retention Period-2004
    Guide on Legal Retention Period-2004

    The Guide was originally developed by Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global) as a reference for audit and financial consulting companies. It shows the legal period for which merchants should retain their books, documents, and correspondence and also the legal retention period for auditor’s books, documents, correspondences and working papers files. In addition to auditors, it will be of value to businessmen in general and financial managers in particular. This guide is updated on an annual basis and copies can be obtained from TAG.Global offices which are listed at the end of the guide. (English version).

    Price: 7 $ Order Publication
  • Guide to Corporate Governance-2006
    Guide to Corporate Governance-2006

    The Guide covers the following subjects: historical overview of corporate governance, external and internal auditors’ roles and functions, and external auditors’ responsibility toward the corporation. In addition, it comprises an overview and objectives of the internal control system. Corporate Governance is the system by which business entities are managed and controlled. It is a means to promote transparency and accountability. Thus, the cornerstones of having an effective system of corporate governance are fiduciary responsibility, transparency, accountability, control and ethical atmosphere. (Arabic and English versions).

    Price: 7 $ Order Publication
  • LESI Guide to Licensing Best Practices 2007
    LESI Guide to Licensing Best Practices 2007

    The LESI Guide to Licensing Best Practices was designed to update licensing professionals with the current changes and future opportunities in this dynamic field. The Guide is a collection of articles covering licensing issues, procedures, and regulations in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Asia, and USA, the do’s and don’ts of licensing agreements, patent procedures, and licensing issues on the Internet. (Arabic version).

    Price: 35 $ Order Publication
  • Business Guide to World Trading System 1999
    Business Guide to World Trading System 1999

    This Guide was translated into Arabic in cooperation with the World Trading Center UNCTAD/World Trade Organization, the Commonwealth Secretariat and Talal Abu-Ghazaleh & Co. International. It includes all agreements, market rules, legal regulations, terms of negotiation and mutual obligations under the World Trade Organization. It is the only Arabic reference source approved by the issuing organizations.

    Price: 10 $ Order Publication

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