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Domain Name Services

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One of the most important ways to excel as a business, is to own your presence on the World Wide Web. Through our professional and reliable network of offices and correspondents, we are able to cover all your domain name registration needs.

Businesses are evolving into a new era and TAG-Domains continues to be a part of this evolvement. As a prominent global business , TAG-Domains covers a wide range of domain name registration services. We believe that all businesses must be a part of the ever-growing world of technology.

Many companies have a difficult time choosing their domain and deciding on which country to register their brand names. We may provide essential advice and direct you in the right direction to building your domain name portfolio.

Domain Name Services

Our reputation for being the leading domain name service provider in the Arab Region derives from our connection and quality services throughout the Arab Region.

Generic Top Level Domains(gTLDs)

Registrations, Bulk Registrations
Renewals, Bulk Renewals
Transfers, Bulk Transfers

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property is one of the few Accredited Registrars in the Arab region. Not comfortable using your credit card online, you may register your gTLD through our company without using your card!

Country-Code Top Level Domains(ccTLDs): Registration, Renewals, and Transfers

At Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property, we have developed a connection with the local Registries and ISPs throughout the Arab region. We not only help you register your domain, we are constantly communicating with the local Registries and ISPs to better enhance our services and provide our clients with the latest updates. It is essential to have the local connection which gives us the advantage and the privilege to be able to serve our clients efficiently.

We have offices and/or correspondents in Kuwait, UAE, Lebanon, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Libya, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Sudan, Palestine, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Cyprus, Iran, and more.

You can find out more on our CCTLD page.

Arabic Domain Names

The rapid industrial and business growth witnessed in various developing countries and regions has led to the pressing need for the protection of brand names in different languages.

Here at TAG-Domains, we specialize in protecting brand names of online businesses by offering domain name registration in the Arabic language. We offer translation and transliteration services for your brands, with no requirements. Be one of the first to have an Arabic domain name by contacting us on:

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