Patent Monitoring and Awareness Service

Patent Monitoring and Awareness Service

Introduced for the first time in the Arab region, the Patent Monitoring and Awareness Reporting aims to enable clients to keep an eye on the newly issued patents or any patent applications filed in the region, when they are published whether in the official gazettes or on national patent offices’ websites.

Patent Monitoring and Awareness Reporting will also keep clients alert and aware of any applicants’ or inventors’ names or any patent application in a certain field of industry.

As part of this service, all published patents or patent applications filed through AGIP will be monitored. In addition, AGIP will follow up with the grant status of the patent families related to such patents, where national patent offices ask for such information to facilitate the granting process.

An alert will be delivered to the client via email containing an integrated report with the available bibliographic information such as, title, abstract, names (inventor/applicant), numbers and dates (publication, application, priority).

Patent Monitoring and Awareness Reporting provides a cost effective and simple method of keeping your investments safe and gives you a competitive advantage in your industry.

This service is currently available in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and soon to be launched in other Arab countries.


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