Sun Microsystems technologies

Sun Microsystems technologies

Sun Microsystems technologies covers :

  • Java Technology – Certification Track
  • Fundamentals of the Java TM programming language.
  • Java TM Programming Language.
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML.
  • Java TM Programming Language Workshop.
  • Developing Applications for the J2EE Platform.
  • Web Development with Servlet and JSP Technologies.
  • Advanced Business Component Development with Enterprise JavaBeans Technology.
  • Architecting and Designing J2EE Applications.
  • J2EE design Patterns.

UNIX Solaris OS – Certification Track Covers:
  • UNIX Essentials Featuring Solaris TM 10.
  • Intermediate System Administration Solaris TM 10 OS.
  • Advanced System Administration for the Solaris TM 10 OS.
  • Network Administration for the Solaris OS Solaris TM 10 OS.
  • Administering Security on the Solaris TM 10 OS.

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