Search for Published Patents

Search for Published Patents

Through its Intellectual Property Published Registrations (IPPR) Data Center, AGIP conducts a comprehensive search for patents published in the Official Gazettes and National Patent Office websites in the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Patent Office, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

This search aims to determine patents’ availability for use and registration, as well as it evaluates whether such patents conflict with previously existing rights owned by third parties.

Using a number of criteria such as title, abstract, names (inventor/ applicant), numbers and dates (publication/ application/ priority) and patent families, the search covers pre-filing search, bibliographic search, English equivalent patent search, English related patent documents search and equivalent patent family search.

After conducting the search, clients will be provided with a full detailed search report indicating any similar or matching patents of theirs within less than 24 hours.

The search report incorporates the following information: bibliographic data including the abstract; legal status including the effective date, the expiry date of the right and transactions; original document of the patent of interest, as well as translation of claims (the last two are only applicable in Saudi Arabia).


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