Real Estate Consultation

Real Estate Consultation

  • Real estate evaluation.
  • Real estate inspection and assessment
  • Real estate financial analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Preparation of preliminary architectural studies for projects on the proposed sites of projects
  • Recommending the best opportunities and determining the type of investment
  • Preparation of preliminary architectural studies for projects (environmental and topographic studies, soil structure, traffic related studies)
  • Preparation of feasibility studies
  • Preparation of financial and transformational studies
  • Preparation of legal studies
  • Preparation of architectural studies for the general planning of projects
  • Development and management of marketing plans
  • Quality control
  • Accountancy and financial reports
  • Real estate taxation consultation
  • Review and development of real estate maintenance systems
  • Recommendation of the best consultants in the field of architectural design and projects through contests and/or tenders along with the preparation of terms of reference brochures
  • Recommendation of the best contractors from a financial and technical point of view through tenders by terms of reference and tender documents


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