Due Diligence (Legal / Financial)

Due Diligence (Legal / Financial)

TAGCS provides its clients with valuable due diligence reports and business analyses that play an integral role in their decision-making and negotiation processes. We offer a confidential, sound, unbiased perspective and the ideal complement to internal resources.

The complexity of today’s business transactions and relations drives the need to obtain timely and accurate intelligence. Public information on a company and its principals is often insufficient, outdated or difficult to obtain. Thus, at TAGCS, we provide our clients with a full report based on the intelligence, enabling them to make sound policy judgment before engaging in any major contracts or alliances. We investigate and examine all available information which will lead us to any obligations, fines, or penalties imposed on the business, in addition to any rights the business is entitled to.

Our due diligence services include:

  • Financial profile analysis
  • On and off shore investigations
  • Complete legal evaluation of the checked documents and obligations in the signed contracts and agreements.
  • Assuring the legitimacy of the client’s prospective steps according to the related commercial and business laws.
  • A thorough and detailed report on all commercial and legal obligations of the concerned company.


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