Trademark Renewals

Trademark Renewals

Through its offices around the region, AGIP-Renew facilitates managing trademarks for its clients, whether they are law firms or trademark owners. It is a time-consuming process to keep track of all the legal and financial issues regarding renewals. In addition, meeting the requirements for each different country entails extensive paperwork and administrative efforts.
To help our clients overcome these hurdles, AGIP-Renew guarantees promptness and accuracy when dealing with clients’ accounts. 
Through our official website, law firms can manage their portfolios with a user-friendly account that includes all of their clients’ trademark details. At the same time, trademark owners can manage their portfolios through their individual accounts.
All registered trademarks are entered into our database. Therefore, when renewing a registered trademark, AGIP-Renew is the best solution, since the only step that is required of the client is to instruct our staff to proceed with the renewal process.
Within hours, our clients’ accounts and complete portfolios will be ready, and consolidated in one account. Therefore, clients’ accounts can be serviced without the need of providing their trademark details and renewal dates. At AGIP Renewals, we already have a huge database of complete information regarding each registered trademark in the region.


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