International Trade and Customs

International Trade and Customs

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Legal’s International Trade Group provides consultation and representation to private sector and governmental clients from all parts of the globe on issues covering the entire spectrum of sophisticated international trade and investment matters, whether regionally, bilaterally or multilaterally, such as advising on World Trade Organization’s (WTO) consistent policy and business strategies, advocating in WTO dispute settlements, and handling legal matters related to accession to the WTO. 
Our practical experience with international free-trade agreements places us in an optimal position to advise clients wishing to capitalize on trade and business transactions between the United States and Middle-Eastern countries (specifically Jordan, Bahrain, and Morocco) with which they have signed agreements. These transactions include international product distribution, rules of origin requirements, business immigration and executive transfers, technical import requirements, market access, trade remedies, customs, and other related areas of expertise.


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