The Arab world is experiencing fierce competition for recruiting highly qualified staff to fill in job positions that exist in a growing business environment.

Many companies are facing challenges in locating and attracting high calibre candidates. However, TAGIRecruit offers the service of headhunting where it targets high level executives that are difficult to reach.

The headhunting process is simple yet effective, it is tailored to meet the client’s requirements by following the below steps:

  • Gathering Information
  • Research: Identifying companies in the same sector
  • Identifying and profiling the very best possible candidates, according to the prior precise criteria and mandate of the client.
  • Targeting a shortlist of candidates and companies to enable clients to select the best candidate for their businesses within the total available pool of talents.
  • Selection: Guaranteeing all initial candidate contacts and briefings.
  • Recommending a shortlist: Producing candidate profile reports and recommendations for interview.
  • Selection process: Guaranteeing all initial candidate contacts and briefings.


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